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📃 Commands 📃

Here you can see all bot commands, their synonyms and description of each one. At the top of the page, you can click on a category to go to it (or just drag it down).

• Currently Ohto has 96 commands, separated into 9 categories.
• To use commands from the Economy category, you must first register using the command economy.
• Commands with a hyphen (-) can be typed without it.

💰 Economy (26) 💰
Name Synonyms Description
badges emblemas, insignias Displays Ohto's badges.
bal balance, saldo, equilibrio Displays the profile of someone in the economy.
bio biography, biografia, sobremim Changes your bio.
buy comprar Buys an item from the store.
coinflip caracoroa, flipcoin, caraocruz, caraocorona Play heads or tails or bet Ohtos with a member.
color cor Changes the color displayed on your profile.
daily --- You receive your daily award.
divorce divorciar You divorce someone.
eco-info economy-info, info-eco, info-economia, info-economía Displays your economy information.
eco-rank economy-rank, rank-eco, rank-economia, rango-eco, rango-economía Displays the economy level rank.
economy economia, economía, eco Registers you in the economy.
fish pescar You fish to get pisces.
gender gênero, género Changes your gender.
hack hackear Hacks a member's Ohtos.
harvest colher, reap, cosechar Harvests your crop.
inventory inventário, inventario, i Displays your inventory.
item-color cor-item, color-artículo Change the color of a personal item.
item-info info-item Displays information about a particular item.
marry casar Marries someone.
mine minerar, minar You mine to get stones or gems.
pay pagar Pays someone Ohtos or Rikoins.
plant plantar Plants an item.
report-hacker reportar-hacker You report a member who hacked you.
rep reputation, reputação, reputación Gives reputation to a member.
sell vender Sells items from your inventory.
shop store, loja, tienda Displays the item shop.
🎮 Games (5) 🎮
Name Synonyms Description
cg count, contar Counting game.
letter carta Sends a letter to a member.
ohto --- You ask me questions and I respond with affirmative or negative answers.
rate avaliar, calificar I rate a member for you.
rps ppt You play Rock Paper Scissors with me.
📋 Info (9) 📋
Name Synonyms Description
botinfo bot-info Displays bot information.
help ajuda, ayuda, commands, comandos Displays the bot's help menu.
ping latency, latência, latencia Displays bot latency.
serverinfo server-info Displays server information.
support suporte, soporte I send the invitation to the support server.
thanks agradecimentos, gracias Displays special thanks.
uptime --- Displays the time I am online.
upvote votar, vote Vote for me on top.gg.
userinfo user-info Displays user's information.
✨ Level (7) ✨
Name Synonyms Description
edit-level editar-nível, editar-nivel Edits a member's local level.
edit-xp editar-xp Edits a member's local experience.
level-channel canal-nível, canal-nivel Changes, activates or deactivates the channel where it is informed when someone has leveled up.
level-message mensagem-nível, mensaje-nivel Changes the server level message.
level-rank rank-nível, rango-nivel Displays local level rank.
nível level, nivel Displays a member's level and experience.
reset-level resetar-nível, reiniciar-nível, reiniciar-nivel Resets the level of all server members.
⚙️ Management (10) ⚙️
Name Synonyms Description
add-role adicionar-cargo, agregar-rol Adds a role to a member.
add invite, adicionar, convidar, convite, agregar Adds Ohto to your server.
clear clean, limpar, borrar, limpiar, c I clear a number of messages from the channel.
language linguagem, idioma, lang Changes the language Ohto speaks on the server or with you.
mail-channel canal-correio, canal-correo, mc Configures the mail channel.
nick nickname, apelido, apodo Changes a member's nickname.
ohto-prefix ohto-prefixo, ohto-prefijo Changes the Ohto prefix on the server.
punishments-channel canal-punições, canal-castigos, pc Configures the punishments channel.
remove-role remover-cargo, retirar-rol Removes a role from a member.
report-bug report-error, reportar-bug, reportar-erro, reportar-error, informar-error Reports a bot error to support.
🎲 Miscellaneous (10) 🎲
Name Synonyms Description
afk --- Puts you in AFK mode.
avatar --- Displays your avatar or a user's avatar.
calc calculate, calculator, calcular, calculadora, math I calculate something for you.
choose escolher, elegir, escoger I choose something for you.
convert-temp convert-temperature, converter-temp, converter-temperatura, convertir-temp, convertir-temperatura Converts a temperature to Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin.
random-hex hex-aleatório, hex-aleatorio Displays a random hexadecimal color.
random-number número-aleatório, número-aleatorio, rn I draw a number for you.
reminder remind, lembrar, lembrete, recordatorio, recordar I send a reminder to you at an interval of time.
say-embed dizer-embed, decir-embed I create a simple custom embed for you.
say dizer, decir I send the message you want.
servericon server-icon, guildicon, guild-icon Displays a server icon.
specific-heat calor-sensível, calor-específico, calor-sensible Calculates the specific heat.
🔨 Moderation (7) 🔨
Name Synonyms Description
ban banir, banear Bans a member from the server.
kick expulsar Kicks a member from the server.
mute mutar, silenciar Mutes a member.
tempmute --- Mutes a member for a specified time.
unban desbanir, desbanear Unbans a server member by ID.
unmute desmutar Unmutes a member.
warn avisar, advertir Gives a warn to a member.
🐱 Pet (9) 🐱
Name Synonyms Description
adopt adotar, adoptar You adopt a pet.
feed alimentar You feed your pet.
pet-gender pet-gênero, mascota-género You change your pet's gender.
pet-info mascota-info Displays information about your pet.
pet-name pet-nome, mascota-nombre You change your pet's name.
pet-sleep pet-dormir, mascota-dormir You put your pet to sleep.
pet mascota Displays your pet.
play toy, brincar, jugar You play with your pet.
train treinar, entrenar You train your pet.
🤹 Roleplay (10) 🤹
Name Synonyms Description
coffee café You drink coffee.
cry chorar, llorar You cry.
dance dançar, bailar You dance alone or with someone.
happy feliz You are happy.
headpet headpat, cafuné, acariciar You headpet someone.
hug abraçar, abrazar You hug someone.
kiss beijar, besar You kiss someone.
poke cutucar, tocar You poke someone.
sad triste You are sad.
slap tapa, tapear, abofetear You slap someone.